United Cannabis Ministries

The United Cannabis Ministries, ("UCM"), is an International Religious Association. The origins go back to a "BRIEF AMICUS CURIE FOR THE UNITED CANNABIS MINISTRIES" that was filed in THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, September 9, 2005. The Brief served multiple purposes, bringing to the Court's attention Plain Error in regards to cases involving religious use of cannabis, and bringing long overdue attention to the frequent violations of Human Rights, around the globe, related to religious cannabis utilization.

Cannabis is recognized as the central and essential sacrament to the various "modes of worship" for all member organizations of which the UCM is composed.

Leaders of numerous Religious Organization's utilizing Cannabis in their various modes of worship, along with Founders and Heads of established cannabis wellness centers, held their First Organizational Congress Oct. 26-28, 2005. This organizational meeting has come to be referred to as "the First ever Congress of the United Cannabis Ministries"!

The Attendees of First Congress of the UCM discussed structure, and purposes, of this newly founded Religious Organization. A statement of intent was agreed upon and several committees of the UCM were formed.

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