First ever Congress of the United Cannabis Ministries

Medical Marijuana Rally October 25, 2005 held at UN PLAZA in San Francisco, CA.
October 25, 2005

Attendees of the First Congress of the UCM were invited to attend a Medical Marijuana rally, at the UN Plaza in San Francisco, that was scheduled to take place on October 25, 2005.

Meeting here served multiple useful purposes. First, the organizers of this 1st Congress of the UCM were also deeply involved in the Medical Marijuana movement. Second, it gave Attendees an opportunity to meet with other legalization activist struggling in a common effort to "free the Herb".

There was an opportunity for a little posing at the entrance of the UN building and EC Daniel Jeffrey and EC Mary Quaintance of the Church of Cognizance made use of this opportunity .

Other activities by UCM 1st Congress Attendees included passing out pamphlets on religious use as well as Members such as Rev. Tom Brown of First Church of the Magi and Rev. Jeffrey Brown of the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church taking the opportunity to display signs with messages for the general public. Additional pictures from this rally can be found in the file gallery of UCM pictures in the subfolder Rally at UN PLAZA.

A final and most important purpose of meeting at the UN PLAZA was that it provided a universal meeting place from which those unfamiliar with the area could meet to be shown the rest of the way up to the meeting hall, which was a couple of hours north on 101. Heading North from San Francisco we felt it a sign of good things to come when we noticed we were going past "Seminary Drive" on our way to the 1st Congress of UCM.

A view of the Sanctuary at Area 101 where the 1st Congress of the United Cannabis Ministries was held
October 26, 2005
After spending the night in a cozy motel of duplexes, which were reserved to provide accommodations for UCM Attendees, we went out for breakfast and a meet and greet session before going on up to Area 101, where we were not only greeted by wonderful host, but also by a beautiful Sanctuary outside the building where the First Congress of the UCM was to be held.

The Summit of the First Congress of UCM Begins
Les Crane opens with a greeting, thanking the gathering of persons for their attendance at this summit that he described as historic.

He continued with an explanation of his Journey to the Mendocino, California area. Arriving with little cash in his pockets, but full of dreams of what it could be like to live, and grow, in an area he described as likely the most cannabis friendly area in the United States. Les went on to describe his spiritual connection with the Herb around which his life centered.

Les went on to make an offer to fund legal action of any member case presenting the religious and personal freedom rights to utilize this gracious herb that had brought the members of the First Congress of the UCM together, then ended with a prayer for our success.

October 28th 2005, the final day of the Summit
At the end of the final day of the Summit each member was provided a heavy piece of handmade Hemp paper, made by attendee Rev. John Stahl, from the Church of the Living Tree. The purpose was to write down goals of the UCM. UCM members were each given an opportunity to make one suggestion they felt closest to, and upon agreement everyone wrote that suggestion down on the provided paper. At the end of the session on formulating a "Statement of Purpose" a signing session followed to collect signatures from the other members on each members hand written declaration.


1. To spread the knowledge of the most useful plant of the world.
2. To cover the world with this plant.
3. To be sure everyone can have Marijuana.
4. To stop the persecution.
5. To promote and protect the religious and spiritual uses of cannabis.
6. To form a Body Politic so we can have a voice.
7. To create sustainable world economy thru the legalization and proliferation of hemp cultivation.
8. To bring Truth to the world.
9. To redeam what it is to be human together thru cannabis as a sacrament and hemp as a sustainable resource.
10. To heal the sick and restore the planet.

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