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Greetings and Welcome to our new United Cannabis Ministries site!

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Greetings to all my Brothers and Sisters of The Herb;

I hope all will enjoy this new site as an opportunity toward a community effort in collaboration toward achieving our common goals.
Please do not use this site to proselytize in an attempt to convert others of this community toward your particular beliefs or faith. Most members have made significant contributions and/or great sacrifices toward gaining respect and recognition of their right to Church Autonomy!
You will be most appreciated when you use this site to update others on events and information related to Cannabis, religious law, and general information assisting the final recognition of our religious and human rights to utilize Cannabis, (by what ever name), for any and every useful purpose.
You may and are welcome to post links to your ministries website.

Thank you in advance, for your cooperation.
"Good thoughts, good words, good deeds"
In One Love!

EC Danuel D Quaintance
Church of Cognizance